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Wizako, an Ascent Education initiative, conducts classes for GMAT, GRE, and SAT in Chennai, India and offers online courses for GMAT. Wizako is an amalgamation of 3 of our test prep brands 4GMAT, TOPGRE and CrackSAT into a single brand so that we could harness the synergies to deliver greater value to our students.

Ascent Education is an IIM alumnus venture started in 2001 that has helped tens of thousands of students over the years to crack standardized tests and secure admissions to graduate and undergraduate programs of their choice in leading schools and universities the world over.

At Chennai, Wizako has two centers: Nungambakkam and Velachery. Wizako offers the following test prep solutions.

GMAT® Preparation

GMAT Classes @ Chennai

A 12 weekend GMAT batch runs at our Velachery Center. An 8-week, weekday morning GMAT batch (6:30 AM to 9:30 AM, Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays) is conducted at select months of a year at our Center at Velachery.

The weekday and weekend programs are both intensive 72-hour teacher led courses. Tests - online and offline are outside these classroom sessions. Our tutors have score 97%ile and above in the areas that they teach and each has at least a decade of experience in GMAT tutoring.

Comprehensive course material, 5 online practice tests and access to our online learning companion are provided to all classroom students.

Online GMAT Course

We chose to use screen capture videos and not live videos. Screen capture videos bring the content to the forefront. It has two other advantages - 1) Video size is small. So, if you have an internet connection that lets you watch stuff on youtube you will be able to watch the course without any issues. 2) We can write equations and use a digital pen to highlight key ideas without worrying about camera focus.

Try it free before signing up. A couple of modules of Descriptive Statistics, a key topic in the GMAT from which 2 to 3 questions appear in the test, can be tried without any obligation by signing up free. All classes have been designed and delivered by Mr.K S Baskar. He has been a GMAT tutor since 2000 and has scored Q-51 in the GMAT.

Books & eBooks

The Math Study Material covers 20 topics from Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data Sufficiency and includes topicwise tests on these topics. 3 full length paper tests with GMAT Level questions with detailed explanatory answer is also provided along with the books to help you get practice after completing the chapters. A total of over 1800 questions in GMAT Math with explanations

The entire content is organized into 6 books. 3 lesson books that focus on building concepts in 19 topics with illustrative examples and solved examples. A work book with timed topicwise tests, a refresher for data sufficiency and a book of formulae.

Topicwise eBooks will be launched soon.

GRE® Preparation

GRE Classes @ Chennai

A 9 weekend GRE batch is conducted at our Nungambakkam Center. Classes are conducted on Saturday evenings (630 PM to 830 PM) and Sunday mornings (930 AM to 130 PM). The course spans 54 hours with a 60% focus on the verbal section.

Comprehensive course material and 5 online practice tests are provided to all classroom students. Call us to schedule a demo and start your GRE Prep.

People who run Wizako

K S Baskar

K S Baskar


The veteran of our team, has scored 51 in the GMAT quant section. Mechanical engineer from CEG ('91), PGDM from IIM Calcutta ('94). Tutor since 2000. Takes quant classes and has anchored the online course.


Swetha R

Head, Verbal

Scored 44 (98%ile; 750) in the GMAT verbal section. Commerce grad from Madras University who topped the MBA at Anna University. Was a swimmer and tennis player in an earlier birth. Teaches verbal for the GMAT, GRE & SAT - since 2009.

Rajesh B

Rajesh B


Has scored 100%ile in the CAT - not once, not twice, but three out of the four times he took CAT in the last 5 years. Electrical engineer from IIT-M and PGDM from IIM-B. Loves math. Period. Tutor since 2003.

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@ Velachery, Chennai

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